January 11, 2021

An Initiative Spreads –

Sr. M. Doriett Möllenkamp

The WhatsApp Pictures of the Pilgrim MTA

“Whoever sends these great pictures, they are bright spots in my day that make me feel incredible every time I receive them! Thank you!”

“Thank you very much, that is a wonderfully beautiful picture. Also all the previous ones, and especially the impulses, are so valuable. I always forward them on to many of my contacts and they are very well received. Bless you. That was a great idea.”

Feedbacks like this reach us again and again during this coronavirus pandemic. Every week since the beginning of April, from the pilgrimage place Schönstatt, Sister M. Rita Baysari, team member of the Pilgrim MTA Apostolate, has been sending out a WhatsApp picture with the Pilgrim MTA and a quote from Father Kentenich. How did this come about?

Sister M. Rita tells: In a video conference of the national Pilgrim MTA team Mister Oehler from the Diöcese of Rottenburg-Stuttgart, reported that he had sent a picture of the Pilgrim MTA to another person and added, “I pray for you.” That was the impetus.

In the meantime there are over 500 “subscribers” who receive the picture of the Pilgrim MTA of Schoenstatt via WhatsApp. Many forward the pictures to their contacts–also in the young generation–when someone needs a word of encouragement.  Others put it on Facebook. Sister M. Hanna-Lucia Hechlinger at the Schönstatt center in Borkon (Germany) writes, “The WhatsApp (MTA) picture “with both feet on the ground but with her spirit always at home in the heart of God” (J. K) has been incredibly well received. The picture has reached over 2000 people.” In other countries the WhatsApp Pilgrim MTA with a corresponding translated text is “underway” and the picture is getting good feedbacks.

Web-Schw. M. Rita bei der Überreichung eines Pilgerheiligtums (Foto Projekt PH)


For Sister M. Rita the WhatsApp pictures are “an answer and also a way to pass on the Pilgrim MTA where the coronavirus pandemic does not allow it.” She is impressed by the reactions that indicate the picture and the texts meet the needs exactly of people and provide an answer or encouragement. She says: “I have no influence over the lives of many people. If the WhatsApp does, then it is a gift from heaven. SHE has influence!”

Of course, there is also the traditional way. Mr. Kiel from Geisa writes: “Thank you for the information and the inspiration. Our Pilgrim MTA circle unfortunately is not linked by email or WhatsApp. But I will print out the attachments and pass them on to the Pilgrim MTA circle.”

The initiative continues: if you would like to receive a WhatsApp every Sunday with the picture of the Pilgrim MTA and an encouraging word with it:

  • Put the phone number of the Pilgrim MTA Apostolate (+49) 1522 781 4242 into the address book of your mobile phone.
  • Through WhatsApp send to this number the message, “I pray for you!” Then you will be included in the Broadcast list of the Pilgrim MTA Apostolate and will receive the WhatsApp impulse in the future.
  • If you don’t want to receive any more pictures, then through WhatsApp send the message “STOP” to this number. You will be removed from the WhatsApp list.

In accordance with data protection regulations, your cell phone number will only be used for this purpose and will not be passed on to others.
You are invited to forward the impulse and picture to your pilgrim MTA circle per WhatsApp.
Some of the pictures are also published as greeting cards or as sticker sheets. See: https://www.pilgerheiligtum.de/material/shop/