July 12, 2020

“We cannot go back!”

Sister Adriane Maria Barbosa

“With Maria, full of hope and confidence, we go into the newest time!” (7.9.1968)

This sentence from our founder, Father Joseph Kentenich, is the foundation of trust in a new time and in a new era that encourages us to do an online apostolate with several initiatives here at the

TABOR OF FREEDOM shrine in Confins / Minas Gerais – Brazil.

Our activities that are blessed during the Covid 19 pandemic.

She always finds a way

The situation of the pandemic reminds us of the time of the exile of our founder: the shrine “Tabor of Freedom” is “in the shadow” has been forbidden to accept any person. But the Mother and Queen of heaven cannot be prevented from “making a pilgrimage”; she always finds a way to meet her children:

♥   Meetings are held online with the various branches and groups of the Apostolic League of the Schoenstatt Movement. Everyone meets regularly for training, planning and decisions.

♥   The families of the children in our day care center receive support from the psychologist and through food baskets, as well as online training for the parents, who are extremely grateful for everything they receive.

♥   Every day the celebration of Holy Mass and the rosary are broadcast on the Internet, which offers many people the opportunity to take a break in prayer and to connect with the shrine. In this way, the social networks for evangelism can be evaluated very well.

♥   During this time, a convoy of pilgrims with the pilgrim shrine was held in two neighboring cities to convey a message of trust and to pray with the people.

♥   The anniversary of the dedication of the “Tabor of Freedom” shrine was a prominent day this year. The pilgrim shrine of the Mother Thrice Admirable made a pilgrimage through the streets of the cities of Pedro Leopoldo and Confins.

♥   On Mother’s Day, the apostolate was a special message for mothers and an offer of food products. This also contributed to the maintenance of the pilgrim center at the shrine.

The young woman Barbara Viana tells us: “This time the Blessed Mother left the shrine and went to meet her children, who were waiting at the doors of their houses with tears in their eyes, full of happiness and with flowered altars. When the image of the Blessed Mother passed by, it was a contribution to strengthening hope for people. It was uplifting how the Blessed Mother takes care of everything again and completely. ”

“Because of the circumstances, the faithful could not come to the shrine, but the Blessed Mother went to meet her children in the pilgrim shrine to bring them the graces of God and the light of the Son of God Jesus Christ.
There were moments of devotion, praise, prayer and rich blessings along the way. The people who passed the picture of grace expressed their faith in different ways, some by tears, others kneeling, praying, applauding… they were moments that touched the hearts!”(Ana Maria Prado Barbosa)

What impressed me most during this time was the apostolate of listening and encouragement, sympathy and dialogue with the people who asked for guidance on the phone. Father Kentenich’s words: “We cannot go back!” (10/27/1912) are an impulse for spiritual closeness with everyone who suffers from the consequences of this pandemic.

It is our wonderland

The “Sanctuary of Freedom” continues to be the “Wonderland, where people choose God and the divine… the longed-for kingdom of freedom… where God’s quiet wishes bind and find joyful decisions; where, according to love, the basic laws are victorious on all sides”. (Father Kentenich – Heavenward)

Maurício Miranda Batista lets us participate in his conviction regarding one of our activities: “An experiment that is permeated with great trust and that shows the certainty that our  “Mother” really cares. How much joy you can feel with every volunteer in our program. The family will surely walk through this time victoriously. ”

We can answer: Yes, “this wonderland is known to me …” – it is the Tabor of Freedom, to which a large number of children of Our Lady make pilgrimages from more than 280 parishes of the Archdiocese of Belo Horizonte and the neighboring dioceses: members of the various branches of Schoenstatt, the Campaign of the Pilgrim Shrine and the “Circle of the Men’s Rosary” come to visit their Mother and the School of Freedom, which works with families to bring up to 47 children from our day-care center “Seed of Life”.