July 7, 2020

The Pilgrim Mother is There – even in the Corona Period!

Sr. Ursula-Maria Bitterli, Quarten, Switzerland

Mary was “stopped” in some pilgrim shrine circles – some experiences:

► The pilgrim shrine is at my home and I ask Mary every day to bless the people she otherwise visits. X.

► A deacon has 21 pilgrim shrines in his parish. Since Mary can no longer be on the road at the moment, he has bought many pictures of the Mother Thrice Admirable of Schoenstatt and distributed them to the individual families so that they are still aware of the proximity and companionship of Jesus and Mary.

► We from the pilgrim shrine gather spiritually at 8:00 p.m. for prayer. H.H.

► I have Our Lady of Pilgrimage at home. I send everyone from my pilgrim shrine group a picture of Our Lady of Schoenstatt via WhatsApp and a warm greeting on the day that they would have been visited by the Pilgrim Mother. E.C.

► I stopped Mary too, but I thought: I don’t want to keep her to myself. That is why I brought Mary to the church and placed it in the sacristy. I told the others from the pilgrim shrine and explained that from there Mary watches over the parish. The others were happy. You can go to her now even if she doesn’t come home. B.A.

► At the moment the pilgrim shrine is stationed at our home. I communicated it to all participants and also told them that if they were in need I would bring the Pilgrim Mother to them. Every month I copy something from the records of the pilgrim shrine office and bring it to everyone. There is a bouquet of flowers in front of the pilgrim shrine and there is a list with the names of all the participants. Every day I light a little lamp there and pray in the name of the family who would now have a visit from Mary. I think the current situation is certainly good for something and I hope people will notice that they miss Mary now. R.M.

In most pilgrim shrine circles, however, Mary continued to pilgrimage. – Experience:

► Our Lady is still with me this evening. She has been visiting throughout the Corona period. I was happy about that. At such times, we need the support even more. Now that my husband has died unexpectedly, I often carry her from room to room. She is where I am. At night I put her on the bedside table. E.B.

► We let the pilgrim shrine go further. Our Lady arrived at our family earlier this week. It is nice when she comes to visit. We are happy to accommodate you. Your closeness is good for us. It is at this time that it reminds us that we are not alone. YOU are now valued even more than usual. S.G.

► When asked whether the pilgrim shrine was still on the move in the Corona crisis, a man said with astonishment: “Yes, yes … the pilgrim shrine is still in good circulation. I’m not afraid. You also have to have some trust. So, I have that! Our Lady is coming. ”I.B.

► Now we want to start again. Someone called me and said that she missed Mary very much. She is simply missing. We definitely need this more now. It calms you down. M.T.

► At the moment of the Corona crisis, we simply hang the bag on the doorknob, but something is missing if you can’t at least meet briefly. The connection with a few words is important. E.G.