June 8, 2020


Amalia Tornini, "Casa de María” / El Peñon, Chile

The corona pandemic dramatically aggravated this crisis. The capital city of Santiago was particularly hard hit by this – there are the most infected people here. In the

“Casa de Marìa”,

a social center in the poor district of El Peñon, Sister Marisol Alvear and her volunteer team make every effort to give people help and hope.

The terrible pandemic did not slow down the work in the “Casa de María”. Sr. Marisol knows no limits. Together with her numerous employees, she continues to work. This time, her love for the weakest urged her to go new ways, to find other strategies, to touch hearts and to promote creativity in order to accompany women in this emergency, for example Dumila, Carmencita, Patricia, Rosita, Jovi, María, but also children like Martina, Sofía, Nachita, Consuelo, Vicente, Alonso, Benjamín, Carlitos and many others, because the people of “El Peñon” include faces of old people, young people and children.

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