May 13, 2020


Schoenstatt Sisters of Mary, Chile

During this time the Schoenstatt Sisters of Mary published their fifth

album of religious songs.

It is a “Chilean Mass” for the important moments of the Eucharist. Juan Carlos Tedeschi, musician and manager of important music groups, commented:

“Musically, the CD is an interesting journey through the rhythms of different regions of Chile, masterfully worked, with a rich and full sound, with impeccable instrumental and vocal interpretations that give it a unique and unmistakable color; an excellent professional work. The compositions are by Sister María Inés Errazuriz and the choir is conducted by Valentina Varas.”

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The youth sings the songs with enthusiasm. They are songs that have spread in several countries.

The above mentioned titles and themes are:
– Rejoice, Mary
– Come with your fire
– In Bethlehem
– I come to meet you.

All titles are available on Spotify.
Under iTunes here.