April 15, 2020


Sr. Maria Sofia Wahl, Chile


In times of darkness and suffering such as those we are experiencing, the Paschal light and joy is felt more strongly, and urges us to proclaim and share this light and joy.

On the Holy Night of Jesus’ Resurrection, which we experienced in such a special way this year when each of us was locked up in his own house, the Easter message that life has conquered death sounded so strongly in our hearts that we could not remain silent, just as the women of the Gospel ran to proclaim the news to the Apostles, even though they encountered their unbelief.

We as Schoenstatt Sisters of Mary in Santiago, Chile, from the daughter shrine of Divine Providence (a Shrine surrounded by buildings) came from the various houses on our property, the Shrine and the Marian School to sing of the joy that Jesus has risen from the dead.

From the youngest to the eldest, we were all at the door, and then in the middle of the square we sang with all our strength the joy of Easter, the “alegraos”, the Easter cheers, and wished a happy Easter to the neighbors who were looking out from their balconies and windows. The Hallelujah resounded with great joy, and the song was able to overcome walls, cross streets, and enter every house; and it infected us with something quite different from the virus of death:

the Easter joy of life!