January 31, 2020

Australia on fire

Sr. M. Thomasine Treese

January 31, 2020

Thanks for the prayers and all support

On behalf of the Schoenstatt Family in Australia, I would like to thank you all for your prayers and participation in this natural disaster which has been a cause for worry and sometimes frighteningly close to us for months now.

recent photos: the grey behind our house and chapels is the smoke coming above us.

As our national center is at the foot of the burning Blue Mountains, we are often on the alert. But at the same time we are grateful for the special protection we have received so far and we continue to trust. Visitors and pilgrims who come to the Shrine have such a great trust in the power of the Blessed Mother that the Shrine is the safest place for them when danger threatens.

Photo: National Shrine in Mulgoa, NSW, Australia at the foot of the Blue Mountains in western Sydney. The photo was taken 2 years ago when everything was still green. Now everything is dry, totally dried out.

The solidarity among the Australians, their tenacity and perseverance are admirable.

So we continue to pray, because the summer “down under” is still long and the fire continues to burn. We also include in our prayers all those who are in need and who, regardless of the danger to their own lives, work for our security.


In gratitude for your support, on behalf of the Schoenstatt Family of Australia