December 13, 2019

From the Advent Diary of the Adoration Church on Mount Schoenstatt – part 2

Sr. M. Theresiana Berger

When Building the Crib, Looking over the Shoulder

From the Advent Diary of the Adoration Church
on Mount Schoenstatt

Now we’re going to start building the stable.

Tuesday, December 10th

First we place a black foil to show the inside of the stable.

Firm support is particularly important here: First the rear wall and the left side wall are assembled and screwed together.

Then the right side wall and the front part follow.

… And finally the roof. The individual parts are hung in hinges. The stable is now clearly visible.

Now the roof is easily accessible and straw and hay is stored there immediately.

Also the roof for the henhouse will get its hold by hanging. Now we can start decorating.

Now the well is inserted and the attachment screwed on…

And like every year, the stack of wood finds its place behind the stable.

It’s not over for today: Even after the battery of my camera has “finished work”, the chicken coop is ready and the chickens and geese are moving in…

Wednesday, December 11th 

This is the sight we see this morning as we begin our work: The stable is finished from behind. Chickens and geese have already moved into their stable.

Now we start with the water course. It takes a little more time, but in our minds we can hear it splashing. But the crib landscape is big enough. In the meantime, busy hands also move on the other side of the crib, lay down the moss and pile up the wood.

Now the “mountain” is finished and we can cover the big watercourse.

“Everyone may come to me – to the Christ Child,” we will sing again at Christmas. And so a real path must not be missing – partly it is paved with wooden discs, partly with stones.

So every day we are looking forward to Christmas – and to the visit of the pilgrims, the many children and their families who will come to the manger.