December 3, 2019

Three Sundays in Advent Looking for Shelter

Sr. Ursula-Maria Bitterli, Quarten, Switzerland

Also in the past Advent Mary was looking for a place,

a shelter for her Child in our world.

So it was possible to make the offer of the Pilgrim Mother in three parishes.

2 December: Kirchdorf AG

A day and a half before it was decided that I would be able to share my experiences with the Pilgrim Shrine in my home parish. A picture of the Virgin Mary has been there for 17 years. The children’s and youth choir sings: “The holy star is approaching again”. I can easily make the connection and explain that Mary is the star that leads us to Jesus.

Experience: The husband of the contact person who died agreed to take over the task of the contact person. Thus the Pilgrim Mother could continue to visit this house. He tells us that he places the Pilgrim Shrine on the table of his room, lights a candle, feels connected with his wife, and then prays the evening prayer at the table of his room instead of in bed.

 9 December: Diepoldsau SG

Advent sounds, among others a song sung by a soloist, tune in to the second Advent Sunay. The children are invited to hear the Gospel with burning candles. God wants to be light to us in these often “dark” times – and Mary is a light bearer! A woman also experiences this through the Pilgrim Mother:

Experience: When Mary is with us with her Son, I like to take my time as if I had a “real” visit. I enjoy a coffee with her, talk to her, thank her for what is going well in our house at the moment, or ask her for advice if something worries me. From time to time I play a song on the flute or sing to her delight. When I don’t have time, she waits patiently without reproaching me. That’s good! – It has also happened that one of the children had the Blessed Mother in her room in the evening, especially when she had a hard time with exams in school.

 16 December: Zizers GR

Snow fell overnight! But Mary – and I with her – goes to seek shelter, even if the paths are difficult: then and now! Nine participants from the first Pilgrim Shrine Circle came to the service. One woman gave her testimony:

Experience: When the picture of the Blessed Mother came to me for the first time, I realized that I also have a task and a responsibility. I want to trust firmly – like Mary – that everything has a divine plan. That is why I always find it beautiful when the Pilgrim Mother is standing in our dining room.