November 11, 2019

“The Schoenstatt House – a House of Mary, a Luminous Point!”

Sister Erika-Mária Bukovics and Sister M. Monika März

This is how Bishop József-Csaba Pál describes the new small

Schoenstatt Center in Timisoara.

Since April 2019, the Schoenstatt Sisters of Mary have had their first filiation here in Romania. “A beautiful house, I like it”, said one of the participants at the celebration – and: “You can feel the optimistic spirit, it is good!”

 The celebration of the house dedication on October 25th was prepared with much love and commitment. Ten days of cloudless sky with warm sun from morning to evening created ideal conditions. About 150 invited guests found a place in the courtyard of the Schoenstatt House, including 15 priests, religious sisters of different communities, representatives of the Schoenstatt Movement from all over Romania, a representative family from Hungary, Sisters of Mary from Germany and Austria, benefactors, relatives and friends of Schoenstatt.

The celebration was held in three languages,

as is customary in Timisoara: Romanian, Hungarian and German.

The Provincial Superior, Sister M. Ilga Dreier, and the Superior of the House, Sister Erika-Mária Bukovics, welcomed the guests. The Holy Mass and the blessing of the house by the Bishop of Timisoara followed. Afterwards everyone was invited to dinner together. Finally, there was a presentation about the life of the founder, Father Joseph Kentenich.

In his homily, the diocesan bishop summed up the mission of this house in Romania:

The House of Mary, the Schoenstatt House is a safe place in our diocese, a home of Mary, where people want to come closer to God through Mary. A home is also in the hearts of the Sisters, who welcome all who seek God. The House of Mary is a luminous point that has charisma, because from here the sisters go on mission, continuously start a mission. (…)

During the visits I have made to the diocese so far, I have been able to get to know many Schoenstatt groups in many places that are really a sign of hope for us. We want our diocese to grow more and more into a community, a community of many communities. In this sense, the Schoenstatt communities can be an example for many people, because they are places where the Mother of God unites people”.

The visitors and guests experienced this “life” on this day and also expressed several times that it was a really beautiful family celebration. One priest remarked that we could organize such a celebration every other month, because the communities would grow together more.

the church in our midst

It was a wonderful celebration, because many people brought their charisma to it:

  • the music band of the Schoenstatt Families,
  • the women and mothers who conjured up a showpiece buffet on the white tablecloth
  • the Salvatorian community, who together with their young priest equipped the area with good      sound technology and took care of the logistics,
  • the Caritas, who cleared the basement and took over transport services,
  • the families who had their own brochures and bookmarks printed,
  • the Sisters of Mary of Liebfrauenhöhe, who baked large heart cookies for everyone …
  • and so we could enumerate even more …

We were able to experience how beautiful it is when everyone gives the best for the Blessed Mother in his or her place. Then we can experience the church in our midst and we are filled with joy to belong to such a community.

So we hope that the bishop’s wish will become more and more reality in the future: “This Schoenstatt House has a special mission. The house promotes unity. Unity between the sisters, unity between different groups of the Movement, unity with the whole world Schoenstatt, but also unity with the Church and unity with the diocese… What kind of unity? Not only human unity, but unity in Mary, unity under Mary’s mantle, unity in Jesus”.

Guard the fire of the Schoenstatt Spirit

At the end of Holy Mass, the Bishop blessed with holy water and incense the whole area, the garden and all the rooms of the house, because “the joy is great that there are now four Sisters here who guard the fire of the Schoenstatt Spirit, the precious gift of the Holy Spirit, here and pass it on to many”.

We thank all those who supported us in the background and in the foreground, so that the dedication of the house would be a deep and unforgettable family celebration, and all those who participated and who celebrated with us in the spirit.