September 10, 2019

Musical performance for the family

Text and photos: Sr. M. Rosangela de Souza

at the end of the first half of 2019 in the

social project “Sunny Corner”

Camobi – Santa Maria/RS-Brazil

In the deepest winter of Santa Maria, the joy of the children in the children’s and family center “Sunny Corner” – CEFASOL shone like a radiant, warming sun. On August 17th, Saturday afternoon, many families came to our social project. For the first time, they could participate in a musical performance for the family and admire the educational exhibition about the activities of the first half of 2019.

Various artistic performances, a smile on the faces and the joy of the families reward our commitment to the more than 100 children who take part daily in the activities in our social centre, alternating with school lessons.

Sr. M. Mathilde Mang is the director of the “Sunny Corner”. She is very popular with everyone: Employees, volunteers, parents and children. In her position an attentive and motherly look is necessary which recognizes in the background the most necessary material needs, but also the need for love, which every person needs and hopes for, no matter in which social situation he finds himself. Here we can be MARIA! Here we can give the love of Jesus to many families.

CEFASOL - 2019During the musical performances there were also new presentations. The music work groups with different instruments are already known.  This time there was a special feature: a group with Italian folk dances, led by Leonor Noal. Because a boy was absent from the dance group, new talents were discovered. They spontaneously invited the audience and a boy, who didn’t really like dancing, accepted the invitation and with a lot of joy he danced to Italian music for the first time. There were also the typical Gaúcho dances, a tradition in the state of Rio Grande do Sul.

The musical work groups with flute, violin, guitar and percussion instruments showed their performances in classical music, folklore and popular Brazilian music in order to show the parents the work of the first half of 2019. Under the direction of Professor Washington Nogueira, this music group showed the beauty of music played in harmony with several instruments.

The Children’s Choir of the Sunny Corner, with its professor Sr. Paula Maria Graminho, sang the music “Sunflower” – “Girassol”. The children’s enthusiasm for singing didn’t need a microphone and expressed what they were experiencing in this place: It is for them a true corner where they meet the smiling sunshine in every encounter with the volunteers, with the sisters and all who work there.

The musical performance ended with two pieces of music in honor of the Blessed Mother. The first was a musical choreography and the second was the Coronation Song of the Queen of the Sunny Corner sung by all the children. They sang the four verses of the coronation song from memory with great enthusiasm.

They thanked the Blessed Mother for this blessed place and for all the people who contributed financially, materially and with prayer to this social project that helps so many families in very small steps, because this is the only way to conquer the new world.