August 19, 2019

Theology in the laundry room?

Sister M. Priska Furrer, Schönstatt

When I graduated from the Gastro-Operational Manager course-in  (Gastro suisse) in Switzerland a few years ago, I never thought about ever studying anything in the direction of theology. Theology was in my eyes something for “students”, but not for me.

In recent years not only my external situation changed, but also my thinking about God and the people in his world. If we want to give answers to the manifold questions of faith to people today, be it at work, with the guests in our Schoenstatt Centers or with ourselves, I find it important to be up to date here as well.

The Theological Correspondence Course which I started at the beginning of this year is therefore the ideal complement to my current position as Head of Housekeeping in the Bildungsstätte Marienland.

I am personally very enriched by the intensive discussion of the various topics of theology, especially at a time that is very critical of the Church. The exchange with fellow students about questions of life and faith during the study weeks offers an additional deepening of the learning contents.

“Navigation” for God-seekers in everyday life

Ultimately, everything we do is about experiencing God in and behind everything and sharing this diversity of experiences with other people. God is a God of life. That is why thinking and talking about God can also be practiced wonderfully in the laundry room, where I discuss the working day with our staff every day and where we pray together in the morning.

Thus theology becomes concrete in the working day and does not contradict in any way practical activity.