January 25, 2019

Vocation Fair at the World Youth Day in Panama

Sr. M. Jimena Alliende

In Omar Park in Panama

there is a large vocation fair designed to provide young people with information and guidance places that help them to identify their vocation to a life dedicated to God and His Kingdom. There we are representing Sisters of Mary with a stand prepared in Chile. Sister Maria Carolina Miranda summarizes her impressions:

“We are at the WYD vocation fair in Panama, where we placed the banner with the image of the Original Shrine and a pitcher on our stand, where people come and pray, touching the banner as an expression of faith and devotion to Our Lady Thousands of people come by every day, we cannot track how many people are taking slips for the jug, writing down their requests and giving their contributions to the capital of grace, and many girls are looking to talk to us about how to track down God’s desire and will in their lives.

There are numerous countries represented. People come from all over the world; they are Chinese or Panamanians who visit the WYD fair after their work. All Brazilians seem to know the Mother Thrice Admirable of Schoenstatt through the Pilgrim MTA. The booth is visited by children, adolescents and elderly people.

There are young people everywhere! It’s one big party!
We can only give thanks from our heart for all experiences!”