November 29, 2018

Coronation of Blessed Mother as Queen of Victory

Sr. M. Nirmala Punneliparambil, India

Schoenstatt St. Mary’s High School 
in Bangalore, India

acknowledges its 25th year of birth in the significant year of 2018. The silver sands of past 25 years glistened with moments of glory and happiness as we recalled the struggle, commitment and support of the management, principals, teachers and non-teaching staff who worked to make the successful completion of 25 years of the institution.

The Silver Jubilee celebration of our school is not merely an occasion for introspection of the past but an opportunity to look forward.

Schoenstatt has its own story to tell about its walk of 25 years. In this Jubilee year crowned the Blessed Mother, our School Patroness at the school lobby with the title -Queen of Victory. She was victorious over 25 years, protected, guided, nurtured everyone.

The lovely devotional ceremony of crowning gave the staff and students to experience the love of the Blessed Mother Mary. Crowning inspired by gratitude, petition and act of self-surrender which have a true meaning for Silver Jubilee celebration. The tradition of crowning helps us to appreciate Mary as our Queen, it shows the triumph of humility over our pride. The guidance of our Principal and Headmistress motivated our teachers and students to prepare the crown with unconditional love and gratitude for the care and motherly education she has lavished upon each one of us.

Last one year, our students were more excited to prepare a crown for our school patroness with their good deeds. Each class prepared different charts with good deeds in the form of flowers, pebbles, stars etc. and offered their sacrifices and prayers to the Heavenly Mother as a token of their love and thankfulness. As an immediate preparation towards the crowning, the crown has been sent to each classes and departments and it was an everlasting memory of blessings. Each Catholic teacher took responsibility to visit the classes with the crown to pray for the class students and teachers. The students’ eagerness and trust in Mother Mary was visible in the noble, laudable and angelic welcome given to her.

On 27th October 2018, the day in which greater abundance of God’s merciful gifts come down to us from our Mother’s throne. Blessed Mother was decorated beautifully and was in a Jubilee glance to bless us with her queenly graces.

This great occasion was more beautified with the presence of Rev. Sr. M. Nirmala, the Regional Superior of Schoenstatt Sisters of Mary, Regional Councilors and sisters of the community followed by Rev. Sr. M. Vandana, Principal of SSM Public School and Rev Sr. M. Pasca, Headmistress of Schoenstatt St.Mary’s Nursery school  along with their teaching faculties.

The entire staff and student community gathered in the atrium where the most Rev. Vicar General Msgr. Jayanathan celebrated the Solemn Holy Mass with songs and prayers.

At the beginning of Holy Eucharistic, Blessed Mother- our school Patroness was honored with a garland. As a token of our childlike love and gratefulness for all the blessings, we offered 25 candles representing 25 years of fruitfulness.  The ceremony also featured the procession of offering 80 flowers by the sisters, teaching and non- teaching staff and students to the Queen of Victory.

The grace filled Holy Mass was highlighted by meaningful sermon of Msgr. Jayanathan. It was an inspiration to everyone, to deepen our faith in God, Blessed Mother and to belief in Divine Providence. He said that whoever comes to touch Mother Mary, the eternal king Jesus belongs to them. He described Mother Mary as a queen with the following qualities.

Q– She stands for Qualities of tolerance, love, affection, purity, holiness, humility and obedience.

U – She Unites all people as a mother in a family.

E– She Enters into each one’s family with good will, understands their problems and solves them.

E-She Extends the goodness of the eternal king.

N-She Never discourages people but gives hope and courage.

After the sermon, the Vicar general recited the crowning prayer, placed all our strivings, desires, intentions of sisters, teachers and students to Schoenstatt Mother and offered the golden crown to the Queen of Victory.

The angelic voice of choir with the meaningful crowning hymn took us to the heavenly atmosphere of coronation of our loving Mother. The offertory procession consisted of each parts of the crown which symbolised our sacrifices and prayers.

The ambience in the school premises was exhilarating with wonderfully decorated image of Schoenstatt Mother with a beautiful crown. Entire school community was filled with the echoes of jubilation.

The day of coronation of our Mother as Queen of Victory was grace filled. The celebration was concluded with showers of blessings on each and every students and staff of our school.