August 18, 2018

This day made me happy

Sr. M. Josette Egli, Switzerland

In the early morning it rains heavily! That does not keep us sisters from our project:

We make an outing!

From Quarten we drive to Triesenberg in the country Liechtenstein. Our goal – a beautiful playground in a bright forest. There we enjoy a magnificent view of the Rhine Valley. The surrounding mountains are covered with snow. Lush, blooming meadows delight our hearts. Some sisters set out with backpacks and hiking boots. At our rest area we light a fire and roast sausages. We can now strengthen ourselves with many good things. And then we sing and play! Some of the sisters enjoy the swings, others try badminton, others join together for a friendly jass (card game). It is simply beautiful! On the way home we visit the Eucharistic Savior in the village church. Thankful, happy and content, we sisters return home.


Spontaneous echoes to the Sisters Outing

It was unusually wonderful! The beautiful flowers, very, very nice … And the way through the forest and the great picnic at the grill. The weather was just right, not too hot and not too cool … And the big community – we were 18!          Sr. D.

For me, the family-atmosphere is important, playing or just being together. Yes, the community of old and young, just like that, jumbled together – on the outing that simply works. Community can be difficult, but on the outing everything is just easy. And then the fresh air and nature. That really does a person good.          Sr. A.

My grandfather once asked me: “Why do all the Sisters of Mary shine like that ?!” His conclusion:

A community that can relax is a happy community.

Yes, and that really comes into its own on an outing. This strengthens the togetherness. Not only work or prayer are important to us, but also a happy being-together.          Sr. F.

I appreciate the beautiful community on an outing. And that we are out all day. The environment was really beautiful, also the walk and praying together. And the frying by the fire is always nice! The time went by so fast. Nobody got bored. That day just made me happy.          Sr. A.