July 10, 2018

In the cathedrals of Brazil, the Jubilee of Father Kentenich is celebrated

Sr. M. Nilza P. da Silva

Through her vocation the life of every Sister of Mary is connected with the charism of the founder, Father Joseph Kentenich, and that gives meaning and joy to everything she does. Therefore, the 50th anniversary of the Kentenich Year is an opportunity to express joy and gratitude for all that God has given to the world and the Church through him.

In Brazil, the Sisters of Mary work in almost all dioceses; Millions of people somehow have contact with Father Kentenich. Therefore, it is a great joy that in many dioceses the Memorial Day for Father Kentenich is also celebrated with the local bishop.

Cardinal Dom Orani João Tempesta, of Rio de Janeiro / RJ, said on the occasion of the commemoration in his cathedral: “We want to thank God for this charism and pray for the one who received it and had to go through so much trouble … but who always loved the church until the end. (…). As we celebrate the fiftieth anniversary of Father Kentenich’s death, we want to thank God for his life and mission and ask God, who called him to eternity, for the beatification process to come as soon as possible.

Many other cathedrals and parish churches were also filled with believers who came to thank for what they have received through Father Kentenich’s charism and on his intercession. Archbishop Luiz Antonio Ricci, Auxiliary Bishop of the Archdiocese of Niterói, said we should thank the founder for his life: “With gratitude we want to look back and see the great deeds God has done in this work. Many people are convinced that it is a divine work.

But also in the future, we want to “make the commitment to give continuity to this work.”

We can beatify Father Kentenich

Bishop Roberto Lopes, episcopal vicar and archbishop’s delegate for the canonization processes in Rio de Janeiro / RJ, encourages us to call on Father Joseph Kentenich often as an advocate: “On the 100th anniversary of the Covenant of Love, I was present at the great festivities in Schoenstatt and, what caught my attention was how this spirituality, this charisma can mobilize the families – and how important this testimony of families is!

I still remember that when I was in Rome as a young student and was in Germany for research work, I went to Dachau (to the concentration camp). I knew his [Father Kentenich] story, but I was impressed by what I took in there. It moved me deeply interiorly, also his love of Mary.

In the process of canonization of a person of the profile of Father Joseph Kentenich, the scope of his written works is a great difficulty. There are processes that are simpler and those that take more time. It is clear that this costs a lot of work and also the necessary time for the process has to be included.

People must “bother” Father Joseph Kentenich (with their concerns) and ask him to intercede for mercy and work wonders. And the beatification and canonization will happen in due time; but this also depends on the commitment of each individual.”

Thanksgiving celebrations for the life and charism of Father Kentenich:


07/08 – Archdiocese of Brasilia, Cathedral of Our Lady of Aparecida, at 10:00, chaired by Mons. Sérgio da Rocha

07/29 – Diocese of Picos (Piauí), in the sports hall, chaired by Dom Plínio José Luz da Silva


08/19 – Diocese of Anápolis, Metropolitan Cathedral of Anápolis, at 6 pm, chaired by Archbishop João Wilke


09/08 – Diocese of Tianguá, in Ubajara / Ceará

09/09 – Military Archdiocese of Brazil, in the Cathedral Queen of Peace, at 18:30: Holy Mass, presided over by Bishop Fernando Guimarães

09/15 – Archdiocese of Londrina, Paraná, Metropolitan Cathedral of Londrina, at 16:00, chaired by Bishop Geremias Steinmetz

09/15 – Diocese of Frederico Westphalen / RS, in the Cathedral of Santo Antônio, 16:30

09/15 – Diocese of Santo Angelo / RS, in the Cathedral of the Holy Guardian Angel, at 5 pm, chaired by Monsignor Liro Meurer

09/15 – Diocese of Santa Cruz do Sul / RS, in the Cathedral of St. John the Baptist, at 19h, chaired by Bishop Aloisio Alberto Dilli

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