June 11, 2018



“Something new is born –

prophetic signs of the times”

under this title a new book has appeared in Brazil. On the 50th anniversary of the death of Fr. Josef Kentenich, his message and charisma should reach many people.

In numerous texts from the lectures of Father Kentenich Sr. M. Fernanda L. Balan opens the access to his person, his work, his charisma and his mission. Above all, his love for the Church – DILEXIT ECCESIAM – can point the way for the Church in modern times. In this international Kentenich year, the book aims to bring the news and sustainability of his message into wide circles.

An echo confirms this: “It was very good to know more about this great prophet. He loved the church and we love it too! “(Claudio Even)


Title:               Algo novo está se criando – Sinais dos tempos e profecias
Author:            Ir. M. Fernanda Luiza Balan
Publisher:        Edições Aliança
Dimensions:   15 x 21 cm, brochure, 164 pages