April 22, 2018

Development Center “La Nazarena”, Argentina

Sr. María Ignacia Feletti

On the 18th of March 2018 we were able to officially open our new development center near the Schoenstatt Shrine in Florencio Varela, Argentina. Bishop Tissera, diocesan bishop of our diocese of Quilmes, blessed the image of the Mother of God. The center with

The name of our center points to Mary: she is a woman of her people, a mother and educator. Nazareth means home, family. In Nazareth, Jesus grew up before he began his public life. Nazareth is also the ideal that Father Kentenich gave to us Sisters of Mary in Argentina, Paraguay and Uruguay. In “La Nazarena” our ideal becomes a mission.

We want to offer people a place where they belong. There they should experience the graces that the Blessed Mother gives from her shrine: shelter, inner transformation and mission. “La Nazarena” wants to convey an experience of community where Christian values ​​are lived. People should experience their dignity, be accompanied and encouraged. We wish that they take home everything that they experience in our center and slowly change their reality.

In recent years, our premises were no longer large enough. That’s why we decided to move to a larger site with the previous “House of the Father’s Family” – today’s “La Nazarena”. After long planning, consultations and considerations, we found an appropriate solution:

Today we can offer:

• The payment of psychologists and psycho-educators, social workers and various teachers – who work in “La Nazarena”.
• The material for our courses: computer, hairdresser, kitchen …
• Material for tutoring schoolchildren
• Musical instruments and payment of music teachers for children from the age of 5 years and up
• necessary tools for the work of the mothers
• Learning football and hockey
• Food: From Monday to Saturday, 140 children receive lunch and afternoon coffee.
• Micro-credit for mothers, if they have received their professional qualifications and want to build an existence.

In May, the health center starts its work.

Various doctors have offered their voluntary service. We have three doctors’ offices:  a pediatrician, a dentist, a gynecologist. Also, we will offer a nutrition program: “Nutrir” for toddlers to counteract malnutrition.

Currently, eighty families are cared for by “La Nazarena”. As soon as we can count on more volunteers and more resources, we can accommodate more families.

You can support the project through prayer, as a volunteer or through a donation.

Information and donations:

The campaign of small donors helps to cover the regular expenses for electricity, gas etc. and the purchase of food.

One can give a one-time donation or a monthly donation with different cards: credit / account, bank transfer, or via the homepage.

Account information:
Banco Galicia. Sucursal 20, plaza Alemania
Cuenta corriente en pesos argentinos Nº 101178020/4
CBU: 0070020720000010117816
Titular: La Nazarena
CUIT: 30-71575703-

We thank all those who use their time, creativity and work to give life to “La Nazarena” and to all those who, through their material contribution, make this dream a reality.