March 31, 2018

Rabbouni – Master, Lord

Sr. M. Joséfa Klein

Rabbouni – Master, Lord!

Thus answers in amazement – joyfully
Mary Magdalene on Easter morning.
Before she was crying in front of the empty grave,
not knowing what had happened.
Called by name, she recognizes you,
Jesus, as the Risen One.

Called by name by you in Baptism,
we too can turn radiantly to YOU
from out of fear, suffering and death.

YOU are our real life, the life of our lives.

Again and again YOU want to meet us in the
Holy Eucharist.
Do we recognize YOU?

Immersed in YOUR light, we will,
the whole of creation will, one day go towards YOU
to worship YOU.


Happy and blessed Easter!


Wall hanging 83×130 cm, 2003, masterpiece; Design, realization and text: Sr. M. Joséfa Klein