February 23, 2018

Every Day a Day of Grace

Sister M. Siglinde Hilser

A look at the welcome

Every Day a Day of Grace

“It was good for me. I will come again.”

“I could really shut down.”

“I have been here more often. Here I can come to rest and refuel.”

These are the echoes Sister M. Annjetta Hirscher heard after the Oasis Days which she accompanied at the Liebfrauenhoehe from February 16-17, 2018.

♥   Pause in everyday life –

♥   Catch your breath –

♥   Throw the ballast overboard –

♥   Sharpen your look for the essentials –

♥   Practice letting go –

♥   Go step by step on a path to the interior –

♥   Become ready to accept the Word of God –

These were the goals of the Oasis Days.

Through spiritual impulses and exchanges, through an opportunity for confession, quiet time, and structured prayer times, the participants were led more deeply into the meaning of Lent, which the offertory prayer for Ash Wednesday so clearly expresses:

“As we solemnly offer the annual sacrifice for the beginning of Lent, we entreat you, O Lord, that, through works of penance and charity, we may turn away from harmful pleasures and, cleansed from our sins, may become worthy to celebrate devoutly the Passion of your Son.”

“Made by God”

It was good to experience anew that every person is valuable, for each possesses an immortal soul. Every soul is unique; it bears the stamp: “Made by God.”

zum Abschluss im Heiligtum

Miss X, who had drawn a card with a saying on it, expressed with great joy: “I was recently in a health care center and was repeatedly told: You are unique. This is now a confirmation for me. It says on my card: ‘Because you are unique.’”

Even if our life only consisted of beginnings, it would be successful. It only depends on whether we always begin anew every day. The participants used this opportunity. Every day is a day of grace.